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 Guild Values

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Guild values
Night Watch want players of our spirit.
Our goal is to build a base of players that play well together and have fun at the same time.
We aim for a active player base.
We give materials and Equipment to guildies, we do not sell. (If you want to profit you should use AH/open marked)
We are friendly to each other and help if someone needs something for a quest etc.

Guild parties
To be more efficient and to be able to handle situations when things go ugly we train to be better in guild parties.
We can only be better at playing the game, therefore the members in the party might have some corrections to their play style. We dont expect any of our members to be good at playing, but we expect them to be willing to learn and to follow the lead in the party.
We recognise we all have much to learn from eachother and we expect all of our members, classleaders and officers to be open to positive suggestions.

We only make raids the player base can handle.
One of our goals is to reach the end game instances, but at our own pace and we want to learn from our own mistakes.
We want to make a guild were we all have fun while playing. Instead of joining an old guild, that have several instances on farming status, we have found it more fun and challenging to achieve the goal of putting the bosses on farming status ourselves.
We want to make a guild were we all have fun while playing. We are progressing through the end game instances and having fun finding out how bosses go down. We welcome you to join us in this quest.
In raids we will try to get the best possible role for your build, but sometimes you also just have to play another role. (a feral druid must heal sometimes, a dps warrior must tank etc.)
The builds we will use for raids are tanking, healing, dpsing and crowdcontrolling

All crafting for guild members is for free. Just make sure you have the materials. You are welcome to ask around if someone in guild has some of the materials, but dont expect the crafter to provide it for you. You are ofc also welcome to look in the guild bank for the stuff.
If you are profiting on this, make sure the crafter and those who provide materials gets their share.

Because of their commitment to the guild, veterans and higher will have priority over members when recepies drop in raids.

When craftingprojects arise (which will be posted on the forum and MotD) all players are encouraged to donate the needed items.

Enchanters and jewelcrafters will provide their services to guildies for free. These services cost money to outsiders.
The bank will provide the common items like shards, dust. The specialist items you have to get yourselve. In order to keep the common items in supply we encourage all players to donate lvl 50+ items acquired in parties. Disenchanted raid items also add to this supply.

Guild Banks
We have a guild bank that holds valued resources.
The bank get these resources from guild party/raids and from member donations.

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Guild Values
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